The Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Residency or Citizenship Application of Malta

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Living in Malta provides its inhabitants with European standards in rights and opportunities for their future, so if citizenship and residency to this Mediterranean gem seems like an option for you and your family; then the Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes should be a goal set at the top of your list. Here are a few of the reasons why residency in Malta should interest you:

Financial and political stability

Since Malta joined the European Union in 2003, there has been an update in the standard practices in which major political and financial procedures have taken place. Improvements in the law have been noticed in the sector of human rights with divorce, civil union, same-sex marriage and other rights added to the Civil Code.

Security and flexibility

Being part of Malta’s active community also gives its population a sense of security in their hopes and dreams for the future; not only in the professional sector to which they belong, but also for their overall growth as individuals. With start-up plans, investment programmes such as Business First and other similar, yet tailored incentives, there are a variety of platforms that the public of Malta can benefit from and use to their advantage.

Freedom of movement

Holding Maltese citizenship also means that movement across borders is far easier, by having Visa free access to 182+ countries worldwide. Maltese Residency through MPRP allows you to visit all Schengen countries without the need of obtaining visas or prior approvals. Although there may be restrictions with other countries that may employ their own set of laws, acquiring fare and passage to such countries is made easier with Malta as your point of reference.

Safe harbour

The warmth of Malta is not only felt through its climate but also by means of the hospitality of its people. Perfection in stereotyping has not yet been sought, but this utopian scenario is one that the Maltese government hopes to achieve in the near future. Whether it’s for business activity or family relocation; Malta sees the potential in its population and seeks to make the islands a safe venue for all who set foot upon our rocks. Ensuring a fruitful and secure future for our families is nothing more than human nature, and Malta hopes that her borders will deliver shelter and provisions.

Acquiring Citizenship and Residence in Malta requires a few procedures that come about through the basis of investment, marriage and of course nationality (birth or descent). Nationals are automatically noted as citizens by right, citizenship through marriage requires application and the transfer of certain documents while the third option, citizenship through investment is an option endowed to those who see worth in Malta’s heritage, real estate possibilities and business developments.

The latter is the most sensitive of the three and your desired citizenship or residency will be rejected IF:

  1. Hold a criminal record – this will make any application for the MIIP ineligible; this will be refused should applicants have a criminal record to their name, be subject to criminal proceedings as well as other cases.
  2. Be a threat to national security – should applicants of the Programme be of any threat to the security of Malta and its nationals or inhabitants or those of European Union members, applications will be instantly rejected.
  3. Submit false information – fraudulent information, whether intentional or unintentional will also result in instant refusal; this is why legal advice should always be sought before such sensitive data is shared for official use.
  4. Be unable to declare income – applicants should be aware that full declaration of wealth and possession will need to be accurate and up-to-date.
  5. Carry auspicious immigration history – denial of a visa to other countries may result in Malta’s refusal of the application whereby Identity Malta is vested with the disposition to provide valid reasoning for refusal. Likewise, Malta’s authorities are to justly carry out further investigation to verify that denial was valid.

Ticking the above boxes will, unfortunately, cut your dream of citizenship to Malta rather short, but the likelihood of applications that meet such unlawful practices are slim, and the genuine non-Maltese population that sees Malta as their new home are encouraged to follow the below steps:

  1. Get in touch with the right law firm; SMM Group hold an Approved Agent License, equipping them with the appropriate tools to fully educate their clients with the proper proceedings to achieve a successful application. Small oversights from the layman may result in drastic repercussions for the application and can be avoided if seen through an experienced lawyer’s eyes.
  2. Get to know your lawyers and their procedures; SMM Group will disclose the firm’s security standards that are relevant to your case and bank-grade security standards to ensure you are in compliance with their practices. This will keep your mind at rest should data breaches or any other informalities take place.
  3. Let your lawyers know the real you; it’s a lawyer’s job to fight for its clients, but it’s incredibly hard for them to do so if they don’t know the full story, if the full-picture is not made available to them. Knowledge is power and SMM Group strive to deliver the most educated guidance and advice they can possibly give.
  4. Generate discussion with your legal advisor; it is SMM’s responsibility to undertake their own due diligence research on a client’s application, but being an open book throughout this process can help your lawyer to strategize and maximise your potential of successful application; especially if the odds seem to be against you.

Once you generate a trusting relationship with your SMM Group lawyers, allow them to fully understand your reason for application, give them details on your personal and business history and grant them the freedom to strategize on your behalf, the only thing left to do would be to decide on which area of Malta or Gozo you wish to settle in and call your new home.

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