SMM Group provides a wide spectrum of legal services, offering to both local and international clients, committed and constant support. Our line of services defines our core strengths as legal advisors, where each one is supported by deep industry knowledge. Such a wide range of expertise allows us to provide A to Z support for our clients in all areas of their personal or business life.

Whilst our heritage ensures a proven experience in traditional fields of law, we remain at the forefront of legislative developments providing effective and value-driven solutions.

  1. Litigation
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  3. Commercial
  4. Corporate [including company maintenance]
  5. Tax
  6. Yacht Registration
  7. Marine Litigation
  8. Residency and Citizenship
  9. Visitor Visas
  10. Employment and Industrial relations
  11. Real estate, Construction and contract
  12. Intellectual property, ICT and Privacy
  13. Media and Entertainment
  14. Insurance

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