Attractive Maltese jurisdiction offers various favorable tax schemes, enlightened by numerous agreements with other countries for a double tax treaty. Continuous development of the tax environment in Malta and internationally is followed by individuals looking for a perfect way of securing their financial resources.

The team of SMM Group in collaboration with top tax and audit firms in Malta always stays up-to-date with the industry updates in order to provide the best solutions for their clients. SMM Group is level-headed with partners, associates, and accountants offering services across various tax regimes. The department has a vast experience on:

  • General tax consultation and/or specific tax advice.
  • Tax planning for the general situation or for a specific transaction.
  • Registration for National Insurance and Unique Tax Reference numbers.
  • Preparation and submission of annual self-assessment tax returns.
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns.
  • Formation of Maltese companies, administrative and accounting services for corporate entities.
  • Yacht Leasing and relevant VAT issues.

SMM Group provides a full range of service(s) with our tax practice having a first-class international reputation for sophisticated tax counseling on multinational tax issues and transactions.

For all questions regarding Malta tax planning, get in touch with our experts on +356 2123 7167 or via email at info@smmgroup.com.mt

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