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Our Real Estate experts at SMM Group provide consultation on sales and purchase of property across the Islands of Malta as well as internationally. We assist our client(s) with lease agreements as per the Maltese law, be they residential or commercial. As the real estate sector has provided a steady record of financial return for investors on property, SMM Group aids across a wide spectrum of services from preparing and review purchase and rental agreements to preparing and reviewing transfer and title documents, turnkey and fill-out agreements.

As loans are available through local banks both for Maltese citizens and residents, SMM also assist with loans and related insurance services.

As per the applicable Government rules and regulations, SMM helps its clientele in assisting with the applicable tax and fee structure which applies to the an individual when an immovable property is purchased.

For all questions regarding property in Malta and tax planning, get in touch with our experts of SMM Group on +356 2123 7167 or via email at info@smmgroup.com.mt

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