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SMM Group offers a complete package of corporate and legal services in Malta to legal and natural persons seeking to establish a commercial presence in Malta.

By providing a tailor-made package of corporate services in Malta, we focus on establishing a long-lasting relationship starting from the very first interaction. Whether it is setting up a company in Malta, or assisting with ongoing business operations of your venture on the Maltese islands, our team is dedicated to supporting you through every step, ensuring the smooth running of your business.

SMM Group’s dedicated team can also offer assistance in relation to all the relevant company formation and banking procedures.

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Prior to engagement, we undertake strict due diligence searches and carry out inquiries relating to prospective partners wishing to establish their corporate structures in Malta, in order to reduce the risk of entering into unsuitable alliances or partnerships whilst offering our corporate services in Malta.

SMM Group also provides a full range of immigration assistance and services, thus offering a complete relocation package for both individuals and businesses. With a range of qualified speakers of English, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, as well as other languages at our disposal, our team strives to provide timely and accurate guidance to all clients.

SMM Group aims in providing cost-effective approaches to the needs of individuals, and their families, as well as to businesses and commercial concerns, providing the platform for successful economic activity in Malta for migrants and their associated employers or business ventures.

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