One of the core practices of SMM Advocates in Malta is litigation, whereas our lawyers are representing clients before Courts and Tribunals. SMM Advocates’ expertise in litigation represents the essential hands-on practice in the applicability and interpretation of Maltese and European laws and enforcement of contracts before the Courts. SMM represents clients before the Maltese Courts as well as international Courts, and Tribunals, depending on the jurisdiction of the contentious matter.

Lawyers at SMM Advocates show their profound experience in litigation in a broad spectrum of areas, ranging from public and administrative law, criminal law, civil law, contract law, family law, property law, commercial and corporate law, focusing on highly technical and particular matters. Our personalized approach is built on the expertise and deep knowledge of our lawyers, focusing on the legal matter, regardless of the extent of seriousness.

Our Main Litigation Practice areas include:

Family Law

We offer assistance to individuals during the whole process of personal separation, divorce or annulment, both in respect to mediation proceedings and court proceedings, whilst taking care of all aspects arising therefrom including maintenance, child custody and access and issues regarding the matrimonial home.

We also offer assistance with cross-border situations including international child custody disputes, child abduction and child adoption.

Property Law

We offer advice on disputes arising from a property such as those related to easements, boundary wall and construction.

Other services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing lease agreements of both residential and commercial premises for both landlords and tenants;
  • Dealing with eviction proceedings;
  • Assisting with cases related to Condominium grievances

Administrative Law

SMM Advocates offers assistance in cases that relate to administrative units of the government in various areas such as international trade, environment, taxation, customs, broadcasting, immigration and transport.

Employment Law

We deal with various issues related to employment law including:

  •  Drafting and reviewing of employment contracts;
  • Instituting cases in front of the Industrial Tribunal;
  • Dealing with cases of unfair dismissal;
  • Providing legal advice in all disputes arising in the workplace.

Civil Law

SMM Advocates offers assistance in matters related to the field of Civil Law in Malta, which regulates the rights of an individual and his obligations towards third parties including inheritance claims, personal injury claims and debt collection.

Commercial & Corporate Law

We offer assistance through all the stages of a commercial process, including offering solutions for all the disputes which may arise, and which can be settled through litigation proceedings.

For assistance with all litigation-related matters, get in touch with our legal department on +356 2123 7167 or via email at info@smmgroup.com.mt

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