How to achieve a Positive Application while applying for a Citizenship by Investment Programme of Malta?

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Malta’s Citizenship through Investment Programme

It is a misconception that the Citizenship by investment Programme of Malta admits all applicants. According to statistics, 1 out of 5 applicants is rejected over the programme’s due to scrupulous due diligence regiment. The investment programmes of Malta enjoys an immense and uncompromising four-tier due diligence process which subsequently, only allows the most promising and qualified global citizens worthy.

Successful applications and applicants are awarded Maltese citizenship, which automatically includes all the rights under the EU rights, thus giving the right of establishment under any of the 28 EU countries including Switzerland. The added benefits include the ability to work and/or set up business in Malta with visa-free travel to more than 182 countries including USA, UK and Canada.

How to get a Positive outcome?

  1. Immigration History:
    While applicants who had a visa refusal may be rejected, Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency (MIIPA) is vested with the discretion to still consider the application for approval, especially. An example would be if the rejection for the visa was based on insufficient travel insurance coverage or, an incomplete application.
    Also, for the applicants who had been rejected by any country, (MIIPA) would still consider the application for approval if the applicant’s agent demonstrates valid reasons to grant Maltese citizenship. These can be in cases where the rejection for the visa would be due to incomplete/inappropriate application or insufficient travel insurance.
  2. Criminal Record:
    When spoken about a “criminal record”, it is not only referred to crimes committed in an applicant’s home country but any criminal record from overseas counts as well, unless it’s an instance where a refugee or asylee was a victim of inappropriate government pursuit.
    Additionally, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), are not instantly excluded from the Programme. They will still be subject to all the rigorous due diligence process, to ensure a secure source of wealth, an apt reputation of the applicant’s status with Malta’s international relations.
  3. Source of Wealth:
    If strong indications are noted that the source of funds and wealth of an applicant are not certain, there is a very strong chance of the application getting rejected by the authorities.
    If an applicant is rejected by not having a clean chit of wealth, the possibility of getting it approved would only depend on the ability of the investor’s lawyers to clarify the matter
  4. Information provided:
    The applicants who purposely and voluntarily submit misrepresented, or incomplete information, in their Maltese Citizenship Application are inevitably paving the way towards a rejection. An applicant cannot forge any document while submission as it can create a sense of national security and the applicant will high chances of getting barred from the EU.

Points to remember on obtaining a successful application

  • For a successful application, the at most important part is to work with a trustworthy lawyer who would guide you through every step without disclosing confidential information, especially in the context of lawyer-client privilege. Minor mistakes may have major implications on the outcome of the application, especially if not identified.
  • When applying for an investment programme, the outmost importance is data security which should breach to your personal files. Hence, it is always recommended to check the law firm’s data security standards and if it matches the standards of a bank security policy as this would give a confidence of secured and trusted information storage within you and the law firm.
  • Once you trust your lawyer and the firm, it is always good to open with them and give an insight with a full picture as the experience of the lawyer and the guidance would path you the way towards a positive and approved application.
  • Once the picture is clear between you and the lawyer, it becomes an important duty of the law firm to do an internal due diligence as this would ensure to discuss and strategies options and possibilities of success with an honest advice for chances of a positive outcome.

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