Recognition of Name Change in Malta

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Changing one’s name can be a significant decision, and having that change recognized in another country adds an extra layer of complexity. In Malta, individuals who have changed their name or surname in another country can have their new name recognized through a specific legal procedure. This recognition is facilitated through the submission of certain documents, including a copy of the deed poll or statutory declaration.

The Procedure for Name Change Recognition in Malta

When someone changes their name or surname in another country, Malta acknowledges this change through a specific procedure via the Maltese Courts. By providing the necessary documentation, individuals can establish their new name or surname within the Maltese jurisdiction.

Upon approval, the individual’s Maltese birth certificate, once their birth is registered, is updated with an annotation indicating that they should be known by their new name or surname. This official recognition ensures that the individual’s new name is legally acknowledged in Malta in line with the deed poll or statutory declaration executed in the jurisdiction outside of Malta.

Eliminating Double Identity: Transition to your New Name in Malta

Recognizing your new name change in Malta is essential, especially if you have changed your name in another jurisdiction. Failing to do so could lead to complications, particularly for individuals with dual citizenship who might end up with two passports bearing different names. By following the specific procedure and presenting the deed poll or statutory declaration executed in a jurisdiction outside of Malta, you can ensure that your new name is legally acknowledged and reflected consistently across all official documents, including passports. 

Registering your Birth and Marriage in Malta

In addition to facilitating the recognition of name changes, our firm also offers assistance with the registration of birth if an individual needs have a Maltese birth certificate issued for passport purposes. This procedure might be tedious for some especially if one does not reside in Malta and therefore, our firm will take care of the entire registration process.

SMM Advocates

To recap, SMM Advocates will provide the following comprehensive services.

  • Legal recognition of a name change via deed poll or statutory declaration.
  • Registration of the Amended Birth Certificate reflecting the annotation.
  • Obtaining the newly issued Maltese Birth Certificate.
  • Assistance with obtaining Maltese Citizenship by Descent or Marriage.
  • Support in obtaining your Maltese passport with your recognized name

Contact us today to begin your journey towards having your new name legally recognized in Malta.

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