Visa and Single Permit Refusals in Malta: Appeal Procedures & Common Reasons for Refusal

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Visa and Single Permit Refusals in Malta: Appeal Procedures & Common Reasons for Refusal

Single Permit Refusal

In Malta, a Single Permit provides non-EU nationals with the right to reside, work, and travel within the Schengen Area for a specified period. Should an individual receive a refusal decision from Identity Malta regarding their Single Permit application, they may appeal this decision before the Immigration Appeals Board.

The procedure usually adopted is that the appellant lodges all his submissions and a review of the application that was initially submitted to Identity Malta takes place.

Time Frame for Filing an Appeal: As per the ‘Immigration Act’ (Cap. 217 of the Laws of Malta), individuals must file an appeal before the relative board within three working days following the decision issued by Identity Malta, now referred to as Identita’.

Common reasons why single permit applications are refused by Identità include the following;

  • Public policy grounds
  • Your prospective employer withdrew the application, thus making your application ineligible.
  • The documents in support of your application are incomplete.
  • An objection being received from the Agency’s stakeholder.


Entry ban


In Malta, a Schengen re-entry ban may be imposed if an individual overstays their legal basis, resulting in a prohibition of entry and stay across European Member States. If faced with such a ban, individuals have the option to appeal to the Immigration Appeals Board within a three-working-day window.

Upon a successful appeal, the Immigration Appeals Board has the authority to withdraw the entry ban. Alternatively, it is also at the discretion of the Immigration police to lift the ban or adjust to a shorter period.


Entry Visa Refusal


Eligible candidates intending to travel or settle in Malta must diligently apply for a visa through the respective country’s diplomatic missions.

If a visa application is refused, the applicant must file an appeal to the relative Board within 15 days of receiving the decision.

Despite meeting prerequisites, some applications face rejection due to various reasons:

  • Doubts regarding the authenticity of submitted documents
  • Submission of damaged or counterfeit passports
  • Lack of a justified purpose and conditions for stay
  • Inadequate financial means to sustain oneself
  • Insufficient medical insurance coverage
  • Falsification of flight and hotel bookings
  • Prior infringement of Schengen visa regulations


In conclusion, navigating the complexities of visa applications and single permit submissions demands meticulous preparation and strict adherence to all relevant requirements.

Should you have inquiries or require assistance with application or appeals, get in touch by filling in our contact form or call +356 2123 7167 for immediate assistance.

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