Top 5 Ports of Call in the Med: Your Next Yacht Charter Destinations Revealed

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There are a million reasons why stepping aboard the deck of your yacht is a good idea. Some of which have to be the sense of escape, the thrill of adventure and the feeling of freedom – now amp that up with an absolutely spectacular backdrop; a Mediterranean wonder where the life of Europe’s sea and culture spark joy in your life.

Planning a yachting trip around the Med may pump up the price rather drastically, so hitting the right locations first may help to reduce costs on factors like Charter TAX and save on time and money to enjoy the open waters. Here’s a list of the top ports of call that will be shouting out your name as your next yachting destination. Here are the top destinations to hit with Malta as your first port of call:

Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta

Thought of by some as a lesser-known charter destination in the Mediterranean, Malta’s Grand Harbour in Valletta is a natural port of call that welcomes a decent amount of visitors every year. With the country’s rich history and diversity in culture, heritage and traditions, visiting Malta’s Mediterranean is never a dull idea. Plus Charter TAX here is lower than the standard so it might be the best place to start from.

60 miles from Sicily, Malta is the ideal spot from which you should start a trip, hitting the Greek and Italian coasts close after setting sail from the small archipelago. Malta is surrounded by sea on all fronts and also carries Gozo and Comino in its cluster, two smaller islands that are blessed by warm golden cliffs and turquoise sea. The 300+ days of sunshine and strong winds aren’t too bad for the start of your sailing adventure either!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi coast, Italy

Italy. Home of the best food, the fastest cars and of course, the Amalfi Coast. Not too far off Maltese shores, this coast is 30-miles long and offers its visitors the sparkling blue seas that glisten with the heat of the Mediterranean sun. The top destinations of Sorrento, Ravello and Positano are right within your reach, so if a yachting trip is on your mind – this might be a great place to head to.

From the coastal cruising to the hours spent taking in the sun’s power, a yacht charter in the Mediterranean cannot leave the Amalfi Coast’s port of call out of the equation. The picturesque area is flooding with opportunity to provide its guests with ultimate relaxation.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Next up… Athens – the roots of Western civilization, the cradle of culture, the mesh between the ancient world and modern living – a destination worth travelling to for an uncountable amount of reasons. The crystal clear waters welcome all sailors as the caves in the skyline beckon the yacht to shore; the sea is crisp, clean and so very inviting and in the air; the smell of freshly prepared dolmades and baklava to welcome you home.

Being in Athens means you’re on the hunt for culture, natural beauty and the vast sea coverage that your trusty yacht will guide you across throughout your travels. Discover Athens and hit Santorini or the Ionian Islands if you’re looking for that something extra.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia and Montenegro boasts a colossal amount of islands to discover – over 1,200 to give you a vague idea, and due to its sheer wonder Dubrovnik is high up on that Croatian list and serves as a great spot for a Mediterranean yachting tour. Claimed to present its visitors with a ‘heaven on earth’ style of beauty, the romantic city in the southern part of Croatia is mounted with the idyllic representation of the Old Town.

The vibrant blues juxtaposed against the warm tones of the old stone give any yachting lover a sense of achievement when they drop anchor. The art historical wonder seen in the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque architecture brings reflection while the cosmopolitan side of the city where local cuisine, jewellery and other sources of entertainment can be enjoyed will liven things up a little. Sail your way into a fantasy of natural beauty where the Mediterranean Sea will lead you straight into the Dubrovnik.

The French Riviera, France

Monaco, French Riviera

Last but by no means least, the French Riviera – a stunning location that instantly turns heads. The French Riviera also known as the Côte d’Azur, is nestled between the area’s blue waters and the coastal mountains – a welcome entrance like no other that will impress you each and every time you visit.

Known for its sophisticated repertoire, the French Riviera has for eons been known as one of the world’s top yacht charter destinations. Although it might fair on the costly side, planning out a clear route that avoids unnecessary expenses could grant you entry into this magical blue area.


So, if you’re planning your charter across the Med, then your best bet would be to kick off your charter in Malta. The applicable rate for a charter starting in Malta is 18%. As one of our top destinations, starting in Malta not only cuts down costs on Charter TAX but the island’s excellent geographical location can serve as the ideal spot to set sail away from at the start of your journey.

Looking for more information on starting your charter in Malta? Get in contact with our experts to find out more today on [email protected] or +356 21237167. We speak English, Italian, French and Arabic!

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