3 Top Tips and 2 Major Perks for Businesses Relocating to Malta

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If you are a business owner looking to save a great deal of your company’s money, then probably relocating to Malta could work out in your favour. There are many reasons why Malta’s economic climate will help you save on the less attractive facets of running a business; tax benefits being the most prominent one of all.

Understanding the best solutions for your new venture overseas is not always an easy task and you will need professional advice before you take your family on an adventure that involves a lot of changes in lifestyle, culture and even business benefits. There are also many lifestyle perks that come with relocating your family to the Maltese islands. Here are a few tips to get you going:

Create a realistic timeline

When you decided the move is the right choice for you, be sure to set yourself a timeline, clearly marking what will happen when. There will be a lot going on in your move, you’re probably looking at 3-4 months of getting the move in order, depending on how big your current set-up is. So make sure everything’s clearly mapped out.

Sort out your resources

Remember to pack strategically, make sure all your important documents travel with you, you’d lose everything is these are damaged in transit. Make sure the most important office items, such as laptops, planners and other necessary items are readily available, if you need to cram in a few hours of work while transitioning, you don’t want to waste time looking for your files.

Don’t be scared to ask for help or advice

People power is probably the most important tool in this relocation adventure. Let your team and vendors know as soon as possible and get them on board with your decision to move. But most importantly, don’t be scared to be human. This is a stressful time and help from others will make a world of difference. Asking the expert for a spot of advice on the benefits you’ll be gaining is also a clever move.

SMM Group are one of Malta’s leading Corporate advisors on the island. We boast a level headed Legal department that is made up of top Lawyers and accountants  who act as partners and associates for your company’s full understanding of the legislation dealing with taxation.

At SMM group, we can guide you in a variety of tax related areas including:

  • general consultation as well as specific tax advice,
  • tax planning for both general and specific needs,
  • registration for National Insurance (NI) and application of tax numbers,
  • annual tax return self-assessment submission,
  • submission of annual VAT returns,
  • as well as the overall formation and maintenance of Maltese companies.

As a new business owner to Malta, you might need some more clarification on the tax benefits you will receive:


Whilst Corporate tax for Malta Registered companies is capped at 35%, final effective tax to be paid usually goes as low as 0% or 5% following a tax refund exercise carried out by your Accountants.

With all the criteria met in this one-stop-shop legal firm, SMM Group are devoted to their clients and hope to guide new companies towards success and increased ROI. Their international reputation is one that is highly sought after across the globe and your opportunity to work with them by your side is a great business benefit. The experts at SMM Group have spoken, get in touch before your relocating your business to Malta kicks off.

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