10 Great Things You Didn’t Know Lawyers Could Help You With

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Booking a lawyer’s service is as versatile an option as it can get. Much like doctors focus on different aspects of medicine; lawyers specialise in different fields of law and gain a top notch level of knowledge in the varied fields that need advocating. Hiring a lawyer usually implies some sort of injustice has been done; and injured parties have every right to take their wrong-doers up to court in the hope of justice.

There are several reasons one would consult a lawyer and seek their expertise on an unlawful matter; some of which include family matters such as separation, divorce or even prenuptial agreements, physical altercations such as accidental injury, physical assault or mental abuse and even business related issues like harassment at the workplace, refusal of payment or unjustified termination of contracts. These are all valid scenarios where lawyers can be contacted to guide you through this fight for retribution. Here’s a list of some of the matters the lawyers at SMM Group can assist you with:

1.    Separation and divorce

Although adults get married with the intention to commit their lives to one another permanently, life is not always as straight-forward as we hope it to be sometimes. For this reason, legal advice on the separation and divorce options for a couple in need of these amendments in their lives is readily available upon the booking of a lawyer.

Some reasons for separation include; adultery, desertion, threat in the form of verbal and physical abuse as well as the simple breakdown of a marriage without hope for reconciliation. 2011 saw the introduction of divorce into the country with the Civil Code Amendment Act instituted for the Maltese public. Here both parties need to live apart from each other for 4 years before the divorce process can begin to take place, other factors also weigh in.

2.   Debt Collection

After a business carries out its appointed work, generally a request for payment is submitted to the client; with intent for monetary collection within days. At times, clients fail to cover payment even though their services or goods were delivered within the stipulated time, or to a satisfactory level. Chasing payment can be tedious, tiring and time consuming – and may sometimes result in legal intervention.

When a registered company, freelancer or provider of goods is refused payment by its contractor, legal action may be taken to ensure rightful decisions are made. This may be carried out by means of a legal letter or in more serious cases by means of Small Court Hearings for smaller amounts, or High Court of Justice for heftier amounts.

3.    Setting up a business endeavour and formulating contracts

As a country forming part of the European Union, Malta abides to the laws stated within the EU and also follows regulations set for Schengen members as per the Schengen Agreement. EU laws call for free movement of people to all its members while Schengen also opens the door to this possibility. Due to this, there are many businesses who set up shop in Malta, due to the benefits received in quality of life and business perks.

Qualified lawyers can be sought out as a point of reference and guidance in the setting up of business endeavors in Malta – this is all controlled under the Investment Services Act and ties in with the Companies Act and Competition Act. This can be done for both native locals as well as non-native locals originating from EU or Schengen countries; where contracts can be formulated protecting business seekers to their full capacity.


4.    Helping with personal and corporate tax planning and issues that might arise

Taxation – a tough pill to swallow if you don’t have the right guidance in this highly accurate system. Sorting out your accounting is a tedious job and working with professionals like accountants and lawyers can make the battle a whole lot easier. If things do go wrong, it is highly recommended to contact a lawyer who can guide you through the best steps in personal and corporate tax accomplishment.

Matters such as tax refunds, the imputation system, corporate vehicle registration and other serious details can all be discussed with the lawyers available at SMM Group. There are a number of ways to benefit, some areas to be aware of and others you simply must abide to.

5.    Citizenship and permanent residence through investment

2014: the Malta Individual Investors Programme (IIP) was introduced; opening a web of high net worth to the country by means of the individuals and families who would consider relocating themselves to the Maltese islands. This efficient application process is one of the first to be approved by the EU and administered formally as a program that encompasses success.

Gaining such citizenship and residency benefits allows successful applicants to establish themselves in all 28 EU countries as well as Switzerland, the potential to set up business in Malta and access to a Maltese passport – allowing visa-free travel to over 160 countries; including the USA.

6.    Medical malpractice

In recent years, there has been a rise in the cases brought up due to medical malpractice in Malta. It is clear to say that the health system in Malta is of a very high quality, so instances of medical insecurity, unprofessionalism and other faux pas related to a patient’s health are in the minority. But, should there be a case of medical malpractice a number of actions can be taken against the wrong-doer.

Advice in this parameter comes in the form of civil claims, legal procedures as well as the overall delivery of justice to the affected party – should the case be won in court.

7.    Workers compensation lawyers

Injury on the job is no laughing matter and negligence in the workplace can result in serious physical and mental destruction of an employee. Whether injury is experienced due to the lifting of heavy products without proper training, accidents like falls endured due to lack of health and safety regulation or even physical and sexual abuse while at work – you have a right to seek justice.

The results of this could amount to permanent total disability benefits, wage reimbursement benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits and other justified treatments.

personal injury

8.    Insurance claim

Did you know that Malta has blossomed in its legislative and regulatory framework dealing with insurance claims? The innovative structure by which insurance providers are now abiding opens up opportunities to the incorporation and licensing of insurance companies. This is a business venture that requires background and knowledge in order to succeed.

Insurance lawyers can provide information on the passporting of rights within the EU, regulatory and compliance details common to Maltese law as well as focus on the anti-money laundering compliance and procedures successful businesses will need to adopt to survive the industry.

9.    Acquisition of business

When a new acquisition comes your way, it is always swiftly followed by a due diligence process that highlights the major issues and potential pitfalls of the new asset. Legal due diligence and financial due diligence work hand in hand and are applied to the following points: mergers, sales and purchases of shares and assets, tenders, buy-outs and such like.

This sort of processing between two business parties requires the sophisticated analysis of a lawyer who tackles things from the outside, the unbiased opinion here is truly necessary so having a firm lawyer to guide you through the lengthy process is essential.

10.  People in media to assess them with management contracts

The fast pace of the 21st century requires updated management contracts for individuals in the media – the constant changes involved here in turn require updates between lawyer and client. The Technology, Media and Telecoms practice in Malta works with lawyers to assess private equity investors.

Honing in on the protection needed for your management contract is your right and your duty so it is vital that the lawyers you are entrusting with this set-up are on their game and ready to give you as much detail as you require.

There are a multitude of issues in our fast-paced lifestyle and even though we are constantly battling the curve balls life throws at us; we sometimes need a little legal help from the experts. SMM Group is devoted to its clients and works endlessly to ensure that all those who entrust them with guidance and legal advice, are taken care of to the maximum of their experts’ ability. Specialisation in certain fields is what guarantees fair and thoughtful judgement in the legal sphere. Choosing the pros will improve your chances in bringing justice to your unfair situation and set a morale standard in the social community in which we live.

You may look at our expertise page to access the list of services SMM Group offer.

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