Updated regulations in relation to Third Country Nationals holding Long-Term Residence Status

2021-05-27T12:41:54+02:00May 27th, 2021|News and Events|

By virtue of L.N. 84 of 2021, those holding a Long-Term residence status in Malta are no longer required to hold an employment license in order to access the Maltese labour market. This follows infringement proceedings by the European Commission on the basis of Incorrect Transposition by Malta of the Long-Term Residents Directive (2003/109/EC).

Third country nationals who are holders of the long-term residence status shall enjoy equal treatment as Maltese Nationals when it comes to access to employment and conditions of employment.

Such amendment stems from the fact that Maltese nationals do not require an employment license to have access to employment. Hence,  following this amendment neither do third country nationals who are holders of the long-term residence, opposite to what was a mandatory requirement prior to this amendment.

Article 11 of Subsidiary Legislation 217.05 now reads as follows;

“A third country national granted long-term residence status in Malta shall enjoy equal treatment as Maltese nationals as regards:

(a) access to employment and self-employed activity, as long as  such  activities  do  not  entail  even  occasional involvement in the exercise of public authority and are not reserved by law for Maltese nationals in terms of the Public  Administration  Act  and  any  regulations  made thereunder and such access shall not be subject to the requirement of an employment license.


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