IIP Applications deadline announced

2020-06-25T13:48:12+02:00June 25th, 2020|News and Events|

Individual Investor Program of Malta (IIP), allowing non-EU nationals to obtain Maltese citizenship through investments done into Maltese islands, which has been introduced in 2013 with a limit of 1800 applications, is reaching its cap and applications deadline is set for July.

Earlier this month Malta Individual Investor Program Agency (MIIPA) has announced an official deadline for applications for citizenship granted through the IIP program. Saying that, a complete application for residency will be accepted until 31st July 2020 and must be finalized by 30th September 2020. Those who fail to complete the process and compile with all the requirement by 30th September will still have a chance to finish their application but under new regulations introduced by the Government.

It is yet undefined what will be the future of the IIP program, as the negotiations on the matter are still undergoing. But no matter what decision will be taken upon continuation of the program, we are proud to say that Malta IIP has been a true success and not only attracted many well-respected people to the island, but brough the Maltese economy to another level.

Read more about the Malta Individual Investor Programme, its benefits, and requirements or contact SMM Advocates today to discuss your particular requirements.

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