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The Malta Ordinary Residence Scheme is the residence programmes of Malta, applicable to EU & EEA & Swiss nationals taking up residence in Malta. The Ordinary Residence has been implemented by virtue of EU Directive 2004/38/EC, introduced in Malta by means of Legal Notice 191 of 2007.

EU citizens and their family members may reside in Malta freely for the period of 3 months since the date of arrival without any formalities. Prior to expiry of three months from the date of arrival to Malta, EU citizens and their family members are required to apply for a registration certificate and residence cards accordingly.

Grounds for residence

EU/EEA nationals can become residents in Malta on basis of different grounds throught the Ordinary Residence scheme, namely economic self-sufficiency, employment/self-employment, study reasons.

  • Economic Self-Sufficiency: applicants applying under economic self-sufficiency criteria are required to demonstrate financial independence and stability and no need to rely on financial support from the Maltese Government.
  • Employment / Self-employment: EU nationals may take up employment in Malta and obtain ordinary residence on such basis. There is no restrictions on employment types or a choice of setting up their own business on the island.
  • Study: EU citizens who are pursuing education in Malta are granted with ordinary residence status on the basis of education.

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants are required to have a local residential address in Malta (there is no minimum property value requirement).
  • EU nationals applying for ordinary residence status under Economically self-sufficiency criteria are required to demonstrate financial sufficiency qualifying current thresholds.

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