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The Malta Ordinary Residence Scheme is an attractive residence scheme currently available to EU & EEA nationals and nationals of Switzerland, seeking to transfer their tax residence to a safe, high quality and tax-efficient jurisdiction such as Malta.

Eligibility for Malta Ordinary Residence

  • Nationalities eligible to ordinary residence in Malta include all EU and EEA nationals as well as nationals of Switzerland
  • Applications are approved for non-EU nationals at the discretion of the authorities.
  • Applicants for ordinary residence status need to demonstrate financial independence without being subjected to complex means eligibility testing.
  • Ordinary residents need to evidence their local residential address by purchasing or renting a house or apartment in Malta. This needs to be available at the time of filing of the application.
  • Ordinary residents may live and enter any business or employment in Malta.
  • Holders of ordinary residence permits can convert to other available residence schemes.

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